Wedding Day Coordination…what is that?

Are you worried about how everything is going to come together for your Wedding Day?- let us tell you more about our WDC…

Let us break it down like this: you’ve spent countless weeks, months – possibly even years planning your wedding and now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy your big day. But who is going to look after the last minute details and answer all those questions from suppliers and guests? You may just want to consider our Wedding Day Coordinator.

Our dedicated Wedding Day Coordinator will step into the planning process six weeks prior to your wedding day. At which time we will arrange a detailed consultation with you in order to gain a thorough understanding of how your wedding day will proceed and to obtain all the nitty- gritty’s. This is where you pass on all your concerns, any stresses or worries to us- our job begins here! During the final month of planning, we are vigorously planted in your shoes ensuring every detail and every vendor is reconfirmed. Literally, we will take over the reins- we can even be used as your contact for family and friends to enquire about specific details, if you wish. Our job is also to provide you with guidance and advice as last minute details fall into place along with the responsibility of pulling all the pieces of your wedding planning together.

Our Wedding Day Coordinator will arrange meetings with you at specific intervals closer to your wedding date to keep you informed and supported as your day gets closer. These meetings are crucial to our Wedding Day Coordinator and for our couples, as it is also your chance to reiterate your vision for your day and enables us to observe every intimate detail that is important to you.

On your wedding day, count on your Wedding Day Coordinator (and possibly her assistant) popping in to see you in the morning and then moving on to the ceremony or reception venue to organize vendors and to ensure that everything goes exactly to plan. We will trouble-shoot, keep everyone on time and ensure no detail is overlooked. We will also bring our Bridal Emergency Kit to cover any potential glitch that could possibly come up. We want your wedding to be exactly as you always imagined it– perfect!

Our amount of involvement in your big day is absolutely up to you. You tell us what you are worried about or where you need some help and we can tell you our suggested strategy to make the Wedding Day Coordinator work for you.